Hp quality center 10 user guide pdf


    Computer Software Documentation, and Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S. available online, in PDF format, or both. PDFs can be .. 10 To exit and return to the HP Quality Center Login window, click the Logout. Analysis View. Req Coverage Tab. User Guide. HP ALM (). Page 10 .. business priorities and quality expectations with your project requirements, tests, and defects. ALM The HP Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Center software offers your executives and PMOs a dashboard Export to PDF. available online, in PDF format, or both. PDFs can be read and A self-paced guide giving the Performance Center user a high level . standards and quality indicators, allow delivery managers to achieve these objectives. HP Quality Center For more details on PPT releases, see Chapter 10, "Project Planning and.

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    Hp Quality Center 10 User Guide Pdf

    HP-QC QUICK GUIDE. QUALITY CENTER - INTRODUCTION. What is Quality Center? HP Quality Center, a test management tool is now popularly known as v to v Hp. 4. ALM v to vx. Hp. Architecture of QC. HP-ALM, an . Step 4: License Key Tab opens and user need to select "Application Life Cycle. hp quality center 10 user guide is available in our digital library an online access to it is set as public HP PSC SERIES USER MANUAL Pdf Download. HP ALM. Software Version: User Guide. Document Release Date: December . Chapter Project Planning and Tracking (PPT) Releases. .. quality center of excellence through tight integrations with HP Export to PDF.

    What are the components of Dashboard Analysis? The dashboard analysis has two components. Analysis View which contains analysis tree. Dashboard View which contains dashboard tree. What types of requirements can be added to test cases in Quality Center? There are two types of requirements can be added to test cases in Quality Center: Parent Requirements which covers high-level functions of the requirements Child Requirements which covers low-level functions of the requirements. Sprinter provides an automated environment to execute various manual testing tasks.

    A test instance is required to run the test case in the lab. What is Risk Category? We determine the risk category for each assessment requirement under the analysis requirement, It has two factors: Business Criticality Failure Probability. What is assessment requirement? Assessment requirement represents requirements that are children of analysis requirement and at lower level in tree hierarchy. What are roles and responsibilities of QC admin?

    Performance monitoring. Data backup etc. How do you find duplicates bugs in the Quality Center? We need to enter defect description in brief and it shows similar defects. Yes, Quality center comes with two kinds of licenses: Quality Center for Windows. Why use Filters? How you define it?

    To see the records that meet the specific criteria that we define we use filters. We can define multiple items as Filter. What the Users group determines? The user's group determines the privileges that the user has within a project.

    What is Unattached Folder in Test Plan? When we delete a folder or test from the test plan tree there are two ways. We can delete only folder or we can delete that folder, its subfolder and test also.

    When we delete only folder, all the tests under it moved to the unattached folder in the test plan tree. What is Matching Defects? Matching Defects helps us to find and eliminate duplicate or similar defects in the project. There are two methods to search for similar defects. Finding similar Defects which compare a selected defect with all other existing defects in the project.

    Finding similar Text which compares a specific test string against all other existing defects in the project. What is Defect Tracking? Defect Tracking is a method of finding and removing application defects.

    We can add or detect defects to project at any stage of application management process. Not Covered status means all those requirements for which the test cases are not written and Not Run status means all those requirements for which test cases are written but are not run.

    Explain Version Control? To keep track of changes made to entities in the project we use version control. We can create QC entities and also keep the previous version of those entities in requirements to track the changes. What is test set notification, and when we need it?

    To inform any specific user we use test set notification if case of any failure. What is the need of Host Manager? Host manager helps to run test on a host connected to our network. It shows the list of available host for test execution and also organizes them into groups for a specific project. Explain Linking Defect to test in Quality Control? Find functionality is used to search for a specific item.

    Item can be a requirement, test case, test set, a folder or a subfolder. Click on the Find option. Find dialog box appears there, using which the users can enter a search term and find the required item. Replace functionality allows the users to find a specific item and replace it with a new value.

    Send Email functionality is available on all the modules of this tool. The users can customize the content of an email to be sent based on their requirements. Users can enter two or more email addresses separated by a semicolon. Subject field is auto-populated on the tool based on the selected item. However, users can customize it as per their requirements.

    Users can include the following items in the email:. Additional Comments: Users can enter any additional comments if required using this field. Here is the earlier version of this Tutorial: In my experience, I have come across very few projects Manual and Automation that did not use Quality Center software. It is a very simple tool to use, extremely user-friendly. Even if you have never used it before, chances are you will be able to figure out how to in a really short time. However, there is a lot of difference between being able to navigate through the tool and being able to exploit its potential to benefit your project.

    So here is a tutorial to easily learn Quality Center capabilities and use them successfully. It is a little tricky to install it on your local machine. But you will be able to do so if you have a compatible machine and understand the components ALM has.

    For system requirement please refer to the page: ALM System Requirements. ALM helps make project management, from requirements to deployment easier.

    It increases predictability and creates a framework to manage projects from a central repository. With ALM you will be able to:.

    Micro Focus ALM Quality Center Tool Tutorial (7 In-depth Tutorials)

    Step 1: Step 3: Enter the username and password. Click on it. The Domain and Project fields get activated. Depending on your login credentials you have access to certain projects. This information is set by your ALM Admin. Click on image to enlarge.

    Step 4: Once you are logged in, ALM window opens up and displays the module in which you were working last. The domain is nothing but a logical division of departments for your organization.

    Banking, Retail, Health Care etc. Projects are the different teams working within the domain. For example in a Retail project, they could be working on the front end store Point of sale app or the back-end inventory module. Step 5: The user domain, Project, and user information is displayed in the upper right-hand corner. Also, notice the sidebar. It contains the components from the ALM flow. ALM is all about these components and we will learn what each one is for.

    Even though Dashboard is the first in the list, we will discuss it last in our series, simply because it is an overall monitoring feature and it will be more practical to see the data that we actually create. I hope that this tutorial would have given you a great insight of HP Application Lifecycle Management tool.

    HP ALM is one of the most widely used tools among testers. The simplicity and ease of using this tool make it the ideal choice for many organizations worldwide.

    This tool can be used in two ways either as a desktop application or on a cloud. As desktop application requires a tedious process of download and installation of HP ALM on local machines, an on-premise cloud is generally preferred for business purposes.

    In next tutorial 2 , we will cover HP Quality center installation. This session will cover what this tool can do for your project and how best you can manage all your testing related activities in one place. Are you aware of other interesting facts about this tool apart from the ones mentioned above? Feel free to share your thoughts. Can you please help me with information related to this certifications?

    HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

    Also can you provide me with the dates and institutes where I can give this exams? That there swathi is an exceptional help you are extending and i am so very impressed with your know how and your generosity. Thank you very much i needed this help and i am just yet taking very small steps. Please send me the steps to do that. As this is assigned in my office and i have a high priority on this work. Please help me out in this. Thanks, Kumar.

    This is a brilliant piece of work. It has been very useful to me downloading and installing the evaluation version, with a view to recommending it to my employer.

    HP ALM /Quality Center Tutorial

    Good job. The last requirement now is if the same ticket is updated on HPQC, I want an update to be send to zendesk. I am not sure how I can achieve this. If you can help me on this that will really help me. I am regular reader of ythis blog and also i have bought Software testing help ebook.

    The documents are so helpful for me to learn more things in Software testing. I want same ebook for HP quality center, because for quality center there is no book available in the market. Please sir write a book for quality center and provide us so we can start working on quality center by the help of that book.

    HP has stopped support for older version. Refer below links — 1 http: Few Questions for QC experts…….. If you Know you can answer it. Thanks everyone related with this guide. Hi, I would like to move a project from one server to another in QC. Please help me to perform this activity without any loss of data. Hi, I would like to download a trial version of QC project and create a test area for training purpose.

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