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Ship Knowledge [Klaas Van Dokkum] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Includes Ship Knowledge Questions book. Ship Knowledge, 9th Edition [Klaas van Dokkum] on After reading this book you will no longer think of a ship as an inanimate object, but as a. Ship Knowledge will tell you everything you want to know about ships and shipping. The book covers all the components and systems that make up a modern.

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Ship Knowledge Book

Following the successful introduction of "Scheepskennis", a Dutch- language book on ship's knowledge, very soon requests were made for an. English version . Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online for free. about ship and all the details. Ship Knowledge: Ship Design, Construction and Operation selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.

Product Details Ship Knowledge 8th edition is all about ships and shipping. Topics range from the structure and systems of various types of modern ships, to engineering, maintenance, safety and the laws and regulations governing the shipping industry. The text is richly illustrated with detailed drawings, photographs and cross-sections of many different types of seagoing vessels, all in full colour, making the book extremely attractive and very infomative for anyone interested in shipping. After reading this book you will no longer think of a ship as an inanimate object, but as a completely self-supporting entity embodying all the modern technologies found in a small town. An indispensable book for anyone interested in modern shipping! Considering the ever growing number of foreign crew on board European vessels and in the offshore industry, Ship Knowledge meets the growing demand for English language publications and text books in this field. Ship Knowledge is a valuable resource, not only for nautical colleges and universities, but also for everyone employed afloat.

Basic Ship Theory is an essential tool for undergraduates and national vocational students of naval architecture, maritime studies, ocean and offshore engineering, and this combined hardback version will be of great assistance to practising marine engineers and naval architects.

Brand new edition of the leading undergraduate textbook in Naval Architecture Provides a basis for more advanced theory Over examples, with answers 6. Real life examples of the practical application of hydrostatics are used to explain the theory and calculations using MATLAB and Excel.

The new edition of this established resource takes in recent developments in naval architecture, such as parametric roll, the effects of non-linear motions on stability and the influence of ship lines, along with new international stability regulations.

Extensive reference to computational techniques is made throughout and downloadable MATLAB files accompany the book to support your own hydrostatic and stability calculations.

Ship Knowledge: A Modern Encyclopedia by Klass Van Dokkum

Design of Ship Hull Structures In this book, the four authors show us the condensed experience how to design ship hull structures from a practical viewpoint. In three parts, the book presents the fundamentals, the theory and the application of structural design of hulls.

The topics are treated comprehensively with an emphasis on how to achieve reliable and efficient ship structures. The authors have in particular introduced their experiences with the rapid increase of ship sizes as well as the introduction of ship types with a high degree of specialization.

Tugs, pilot boats, dredgers and other workboats receive the same coverage as ocean going ships. An attempt is made to give as complete an overview as possible of all vessel types as well as pertinent auxiliaries, systems, rules and regulations. The book proves a rich source of knowledge for anyone with an interest in maritime matters, eminently suitable as a basic studies text for maritime students yet also proving a useful reference manual for professionals.

Ship Knowledge

Maritime Economics 3rd Third Edition by Stopford The book starts out with a historical overview of the shipping industry lengthier than the 2nd edition of this book then presents chapters on the organization of the shipping market, shipping market cycles, shipping markets by different categories of vessel and the cargoes they handle , financial flows, industry financing and insurance, risk, geographic markets, the markets for ships both new and second hand as well as for vessels for scrapping, and legal and regulatory structures.

All of these are covered very well and provide an excellent overview through i. It should be stressed that the book is intended to provide a macro view of the industry as opposed to a micro view i.

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Ship Knowledge a Modern Encyclopedia

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Ship Knowledge

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