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Page 1 Page 2. Page 2 Page 3. Page 3 Page 4. Page 4 Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek Vol II Singh Sahib Giani Mani Singh Punjabi - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Sikh Voice. VARAN BHAI GURDAS 1 Page 2 Page 3 .. Gur upades gursikh grih mai bairdgt grih taji ban khnd hot na udhar Ji. (Kabitt- ) C.

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Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji Pdf, 5 MB, MB. Bhai Mani Singh acted as scribe when at the age of 14 Guru Gobind Singh Ji He expanded the first of Bhai GurDas's Vaars into a life of Guru Nanak which is. Vaaran Bhai Gurdas ji Steek. by Giani Harbans Singh (Author) Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Darshan Nirnay Steek Part 9. Language: Punjabi. Salok Kabir.

He is the most respected and honored person of the 19th and 20th centuries in the history of the Sikhs. Since many scholars have written volumes and volumes about him on his contributions for reproducing and interpreting the old literature on history of the Sikhs and lives of the Guru, I would like to take this opportunity to present him as the patron, protagonist, and savior of the Punjabi language — the lan- guage used by our Gurus to preach their teaching and who preserved this language of our forefathers who migrated from the Central Asia as the Aryans who settled in the land of five rivers, Punjab. There has always been great efforts to degrade and to eliminate the dominance of the Punjabi language from the minds of the early Aryans and from the minds of the present population of the Punjab. It was Bhai Vir Singh and other Sikh scholars, especially Prof Gurmukh Singh and Ditt Singh, who had saved this language and had given its proper status among the recognized languages of the world. For his contri- butions in Punjabi literature he has been honored with doctorate of Oriental Learning Honoris Causa by the East Punjab University in and he is recognized as the Father of Modern Punjabi Litera- ture by many Sikh scholars. Punjabi literary tradition. His identification with all the important concerns of modern Sikhism was so As a school boy, Bhai Sahib, used to spend a great deal complete that he became to be canonized as BHAI, of his time in the company of Giani Hazara Singh under the brother, of the Sikh order, very early in his career. At this school he first in his family to be sworn as a Sikh. July- December , Vol. Bhai Sahib Languages of the people of the Punjab as Prakrit noticed that publication of small tracts and books on means not adorned or arranged, i. Ludhiana had a tremendous effect on the minds of the Punjabis.

Blue dress for Rgveda, yellow for Yajurveda and for singing of the hymns of Samaveda wearing of the white dress became a tradition. Kalijug became prevalent as the fourth age in which the low instincts gripped the whole world. People became resultant in performing of the duties enjoined in the Rig, Yajur and Samaveda. The entire earth got enticed by mammon and the antics of the Kalijug put everyone into delusion. Hatred and degeneracy engrossed the people and ego burnt oneand all. Nobody now worships anyone and the sense of respect for the younger and elder has vanished into thin air.

In this cutter age the emporers are tyrants and their satraps butchers. The justice of three ageshas become extinct and now whosoever gives something as bribe gets justice? Having churned the duties enjoined in the four Vedas, the seers have delineated the six Shastras. What ever was described by Brahma and Sanak, people recited and followed.

Many think over while reading and singing, but only one among millions understands and reads between the lines.

It is suprising that every age had dominance of one colour caste but how in Kaliyug myriads of castes are there. That the duties of all the three Yugas have been abandoned is known to everybody but the confusion persists. As the four Vedas have been defined, the description of the six philosophies Shastras also complements them.

Speculating seriously, seer Gotama has put forth the story of the Rgveda. After churning the thoughts, in the Nyaya school, God has been defined as the efficient cause of all the causes. Everything is under His control and in His order, no order whatsoever of anybody else is accepted. He is in the beginning and at the end of this creation yet in this Shastra he is shown as separate from this creation.

No one has seen or known this creator, and rather people have remained indulged in the expansive delusions of prakriti nature. Not realising that soham parbrahm, the jiv is mistaken in understanding Him as a man full of fallacies.

Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaaran - Various Steeks - GURBANI | SCRIPTURES | REHAT | HISTORY - SIKH SANGAT

The Rgveda exhorts the knowledgeable people that supreme Lord is everything and none else can be compared with Him. Pondering deeply over the Yajurveda, rishi Jaimini putforth his postulates. Ultimate decision will be arrived at according to the actions performed through the body which will reap whatever it has sowed.

He established the theory of karma and explained transmigration as controlled by karma. These groups were: The the Sikhs about their distinct theological and cultural Hindus and the Sikhs as a group, Arya Samaj, on one identity.

Through his single-minded cultivation of side and the Muslims on the other side. The Hindu Arya Samajists openly started to propagate that Sikhism is a The Khalsa Tract Society periodically made available part of Hinduism and there is nothing new in the under the title, Nirguniara, low cost publications on Nanakian Philosophy, incorporated in the Aad Guru Sikh theology, history and philosophy and social and Granth Sahib AGGS , and it was based on the religious reforms.

He used this journal, Nirguniara, as philosophy of Vedas and Puranas and other Hindu a vehicle for his own self-expression and some of his religious scriptures. Sikhs and Muslims. Keeping in mind the importance of power of word and In these novels Bhai Sahib weaves into the narrative publication of literature to transform the mind of the numerous motifs of social reforms, moral teaching and people, which was learnt from the Church Mission religious preaching and depicts several situations of School, Amritsar, Bhai Sahib decided to write and inter-communal and urban-rural confrontation.

Singh Sabha movement to promote its aims and objectives, he launched the following publications and organizations: And also wrote a play: Raja Lakhdata Singh in But with the passing of that peculiar mental state, the novels lost their appeal. To the July- December , Vol. The Their place is not in literature but in history. The Sahitya Akademi and several other literary Khushwant Singh in his above analysis because institutions honored him and the Government of India contributions of Bhai Sahib in the renaissance of bestowed on him the Padama Bhushan.

In a survey Punjabi literature and Sikhism will always carry a conducted by The Hindustan Times to find out who is deep respect by every Sikh and every Punjabi. Parkash Singh Badal, the they will stay afresh and important in the future.

Chandigarh 2. Bhai Vir Singh Rachnavli, in Punjabi. Bhasha Vibhag, Punjab, Patiala. Masson-Oursel, P.

Varaan Bhai Gurdas Steek - Pandit Narain Singh

William-Grabowska, H. Ancient India and Indian Civilization. Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd. Padam, Prof Piara Singh. Punjabi Boli da Itehas iek j o g wh or i h s W[ in Punjabi. Kalam Mandir, Lower Maal, Patiala. Pei, Mario. Sanskrit Language. Punjabi Tae Hoor Bhashavan Punjabi. The Civilization in Ancient India. Sahitya Sadan, New Delhi [3]. Singh, Attar, Vir Singh, Bhai IV, pp With the passing away of Dvapar, the canopy of kingdom now came over the head of Kaliyuga.

Atharvaveda got established and people now would go on eulogising, facing the north direction. As a substance of the hymns of Athrvaveda, the Sankhya-sutras were recited by sage Kapil. Get imbued with the great knowledge and go on pondering over the stable and the transitory.

Despite millions of efforts, without knowledge nothing can be attained. Karma and yoga are activities of the body and both these are momentry and perishable. Analytical wisdom creates the supreme delight and the illusions of birth and death come to an end.

VaisesikDisplaying Vaar 1, Pauri 13 of By churning of the Athatvaveda, the guru-oriented Kanad in his Vaisesik recited about gunas, the qualities of the matter. He produced the theory of sowing and reaping giving and taking and told that at appropriate time only, one would attain the fruit. Everything operates in His divine will, hukam to which he calls apurva and whosoever accepts the divine-will stablizes his self in equanimity. The jiva must understand that nothing happens of its own and our ownselves are responsible for our good or bad actions and hence nobody as good or bad should be lodged in mind.

Rishi Kanad has said that as you sow, so shall you reap. Listen to the injustice of the satyug that only because of a single evil-doer the whole world would suffer.

In the treta, the whole city suffered because of one evil-doer and in dvapar this suffering was limited to the one family and the family underwent the igominy. Sesanag Patanjali-, Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 14 of He told in consonance with Atharvaveda that illusion cannot be erased without yoga.

It is similar to the fact where we know that without cleansing of the mirror, the face cannot be seen in it. Yoga is cleansing praxis through which the surati gets absorbed into the unstruck melody.

Eighteen siddhis and nine treasures fall at the feet of a gurmukh yogi.

In kaliyug, Patanjali talked about fulfillment of desires that remained unfulfilled in the three ages. The complete achievement of yogic bhakti is that you every thing hand to hand. Naam Daanu Isanaanu Soubhaaee 14 The jiv should cultivate the nature of rememberance of God, charity and ablution internal and external. Ideas in vogue about the Yugs' Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 15 of Since time immemorial, on account of the bondage of unfulfilled desires, the jiv has been suffering transmigration.

Time and again, the body is changed, but the mystery of this change can be understood by becoming knowledgeable. Engrossed in duality in satyug, the jiv entered into the body in treta. Getting caught in karma-bondage in treta4 ': He was born in dvapar and remained writhing and wriggling. Even the performance of the duties of three ages does not dispel the fear of birth and death. The jiv reincarnates in kaliyug and gets entangled in the karmas.

Vaaran Bhai Gurdas ji Steek

Activities in Kaliyug Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 16 of Now listen to the discipline of kaliyug wherein nobody cares for the rituals. Without loving devotion none will get any place anywhere. Because of the disciplined life in the previous ages, the human form has been obtained in kaliyug.

Now if this opportunity slipped, no occasion and place would be made available. As has been said in the Atharvaveda, listen to the redeeming features of kaliyug. Now feeingful devotion only is acceptable; yajna, burnt offering and worship of the human guru was the discipline of the earlier ages. If somebody now, in spite of being a doer, erases from his self this sense and prefers to be called lowly, only then he can remain in the good books of the Lord. Anachy of the ages Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 17 of During the down fall of an age, people setting aside the duties of the age bahave contrary to their nature.

The world gets engrossed in remorseful activities and sin and corruption prevail. Different sections castes of society develop hatred for one another and finish themselves through squabbles as the bamboos, due to their mutual friction, producing fire burn themselves as well as others. Condemnation of the knowledge starts and in the darkness of ignorance nothing remains visible. From that knowledge of the Vedas which gets man across the world ocean even the knowledgeable people get away.

So long God does not descend on earth in the form of true Guru, no mystery can be understood. The Guru and God are one; He is the true master and the whole world craves for Him. Intellectualism Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 18 of In kalijug one finds intellectualism incarnate, but discriminating between knowledge and ignorance is nowhere.

Nobody interdicts anybody and everyone is behaving according in his whims. Someone instructs for the worship of the inert rocks and someone guides people to worship cemetries. Due to the tantra mantra and such hyprocricies, the tensions anger and quarrels have been increased.

In the rat-race for selfish ends, different religions have been promulgated. Someone is woshipping moons, someone sun and someone worshipping earth and sky. Someone is propitiating air, water, fire and yama the god of death. Dhokati Dharamee Bharami Bhulaavai 18 These all are religious hypocrities and are tossing in delusions. Of garbs and guises Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 19 of In view of the prevaling lassitude in the world, four varnas and four Ashrams were established.

Then ten orders of ascetics and twelve orders Of yogis came into being. Further jangams, the wanderers, sramans and Digambrs, naked jain ascetics also started their disputations. Many Categories of brahmins came into being who propounded Shastras, Vedas and Purans contradicting one another. The mutual irreconcilability of the six Indian philosophies further added many hypocrisies. Alchemy, tantra, mantra and miracles became everything for people. F F F By getting divided into myriad sects and castes they produced a horrible look.

Kalijougi Andari Bharami Bhulaaay 19 They all were deluded by kaliyug. Islam Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 20 of When varied sects got prevalent, then Muhammad, the beloved of God was born. The nation got divided into seventy two divisions and many types of enmity and opposition erupted. The world was bound to roza, id, namaz, etc. Pirs, paigambars aulias, gaus and qutabs came into being in many countries. The temples were replaced by mosques. Less powerful were killed and thus the earth became replete with sin.

F Armenians and Rumis were declared apostates Kafirs and they were decimated in the Battle fields. Paapay Daa Varatiaa Varataaraa 20 The sin became ubiquitious all around.

There are four castes of Hindus and four sects of Muslims in the world. The members of both religions are selfish, jealous proud, bigoted and violent. Circumcision is dear to the Muslims, sandal mark tilak and sacred thread to the Hindus. Since they have forgotten the Vedas and the Katebas, worldly greed and devil have led them astray. Truth hidden from both; the brahmins and maulvis kill one another by their animosities.

Varan Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek Vol II Singh Sahib Giani Mani Singh Punjabi

God himself is the justice for the disputes about the duties of the four Ages. He himself id the paper, the pen and the scribe. F Without Guru is all darkness and people are killing one another.

The sin pervades all around and the mythological ox supporting the earth is weeping and wailing day and night.

Without compassion, getting unnerved, it is descending towards nether world to get lost. Standing on one foot, it is feeling the load of sins. Now this earth cannot be upheld without the saints and no saint is available in the world. Coming of the Guru Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 23 of The benefactor Lord listened to the cries of humanity and sent Guru Nanak to this world.

He washed His feet, eulogised God and got his Disciples drink the ambrosia of his feet. He preached in this darkage kaliyug that, saragun Brahm and nirgun Parbrahm are the same and identical. Dharma was now established on its four feet and all the four castes through fraternal feeling were converted into one caste of humanity. Equating the poor with the prince, he spread the etiquette of humbly touching the feet.

Inverse is the game of the beloved; he got the egotist high heads bowed to feet. Baba Nanak rescued this dark age kaliyug and recited satinam mantr for one and all. First of all Baba Nanak obtained the gate of the grace of Lord and then He underwent and earned the rigorous discipline of heart and mind.

He fed himself with sand and swallow-wort and made stones his bedding i. He offered hid full devotion and then he was fortunate to have proximity with God. Baba reached the region of truth wherefrom he received Nam, the storehouse of nine treasures and humility.

In his meditation, Baba found the whole earth burning with the fire of lust and anger. F Without Guru there is utter darkness and he heard the cries of the common men. To further understand the people, Guru Nanak donned robes in their manner and preached them to be detached from the pleasure and pain.

Charhhiaa Sodhani Dharati Loukaaee 24 Thus he went out to depurate humanity on earth. Lack of love and affection at pilgrim centres' Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 25 of Baba Nanak came to the pilgrimage centres and by participating in the ceremonies there he observed them minutely.

People were busy in performing the rituals of the ceremonies but since being bereft of loving devotion, they were of no avail. Having gone through the Vedas and simritis one finds that Brhama also has nowhere written about the Sentiment of love. To find out the same, the satyug, treta dvapar etc.

In kaliyug, the pitch darkness prevails in which many guises and hypocritical ways have been started. F Through garbs and guises one cannot reach the Lord; He can be reached through self-effacement. The special feature of the Sikh of the Guru is that he goes beyond the framework of caste-classification and moves in humility. Erstwhile condition Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 26 of Celebates, ascetics, immortal anchorites, the siddhs, naths and teacher- taughts were available in abundance. Many varieties of gods, goddesses, munis, bhairavs and other protectors were there.

In the name of ganas, gandharvs, fairies, kinnars and yaksas, many dragnets and dramas were enacted. Seeing raksasas, demons, daitys in their imagination, people were totally in the clutches of duality. F All were engrossed with ego and the taughts were getting drowned alongwith their teachers. Even after minute research, the guru-oriented were nowhere to be found. All the sects, pirs, paigambars of the Hindus and Muslims were seen by Baba Nanak. Andhee Andhay Khoohay Tdaylay 26 Blinds were pushing the blinds into well.

With the emergence of the true Guru Nanak, the mist cleared and the light scattered all around. As if at the sun rise the stars disappeared and the darkness dispelled. With the roar of the lion in the forest the flocks of escaping deer now cannot have endurance.

Wherever Baba put his feet, a religious place was erected and established. All the siddh-places now have been renamed on the name of Nanak. Everyhome has become a place of dharma where singing. Baba liberated all four directions and nine divisions of earth. Journey to Summer mountain Displaying Vaar 1, Pauri 28 of Baba Nanak visualized all the expansive nine divisions of the earth. Then he climbed up to the Sumer mountain where he came across a group of siddhs.

The mind of the eighty four siddhs and Gorakh filled with surprise and doubts. Siddhas asked Guru Nanak , O young boy!

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